Arctic Bass

The Arctic Bass Blog From the day it was decided that I should pick up the bass guitar, I have been totally hooked on this wonderful instrument. The funk, the groove, the mwah... everything about the bass intrigues me. I started out on a Hagström Swede from the early 70s, and the circle has almost come … Continue reading Arctic Bass


Putting together basses

Ever since I started playing, I have been dreaming about building my own basses. Although I'm not particularly good with tools - and never was - I still kept dreaming about it! My grandfather was a carpenter and I remember asking him to help me out when I was 15, but his response was that … Continue reading Putting together basses

The Ibanez Musician bass

1984 George Orwell wrote about this year in his famous book. The Apple Macintosh is introduced. Marvin Gaye dies. Severomorsk explodes. Bruce Springsteen releases "Born in the USA". Indian prime minister Indhirda Ghandi is assissinated by security guards. Bob Geldof and Band Aid supports famine victims in Ethiopia. And I buy my first ever fretless … Continue reading The Ibanez Musician bass

My current amp collection (Febuary 2017)

No use having a lot of basses and guitars if you can't amplify them! Well, I can. Many times. I own a few bass and guitar amplifiers. Here's a list of my current amp collection. Genz Benz Shuttle 6-210T Yorkville Sound Bloc80B Ashdown Mi-bass 200 TKS Engineering 112T cab Eden EX110 cabinet Phil Jones Bass Double Four … Continue reading My current amp collection (Febuary 2017)

My current guitar collection (December 2017)

I not only have the hots for basses... I own and play a lot of guitars, as well. Below are a list of my current guitar collection! Kiesel HH2X Allan Holdsworth Signature Charvel Desolation DC-2 ST Charvel Desolaton DC-1 FR Warmoth Tele Washburn J-600 Jazz guitar Boulder Creek Classical guitar Morgan W 310 SCE N AGED … Continue reading My current guitar collection (December 2017)

My current bass collection (April 2018)

I admit it. I have too many basses and guitars! I have more than I like to think about... but that's how it goes. So what do I have in my stable right now? Below is a list of my basses, the 4-5 on the top are my favourites and the rest are in no … Continue reading My current bass collection (April 2018)

Discovering the 5-string bass!

In my previous post, talking about my second bass - The Fender Precision Bass - I mentioned that I had it customized into a 5-string fretless. But why did I want that, back in 1986? I had only been playing the bass for a couple of years, and I was practicing a lot. One of … Continue reading Discovering the 5-string bass!

The Fender Precision Bass

When I had played the Hagström for about a year I had saved up enough funds to buy a better bass. I looked around and narrowed my options down to 1978  Precision bass and a 1968 Jazz bass. They were both tobacco sunburst, alder bodies with maple necks and rosewood fingerboards. But the Jazz  bass … Continue reading The Fender Precision Bass

My first bass guitar

I started playing bass around 1982, in my local "Ten Sing" youth gospel choir. I picked up this bass along with a Fender Bassman 100 amplifier, and used it for about a year. The Hagström Swede is a Les Paul shaped short-scale bass, with a scale length of 30.75". It had a wonderful, old-school thump, … Continue reading My first bass guitar