My current bass collection (April 2018)

1990 Ken Smith BT6
1990 Ken Smith BT6

I admit it. I have too many basses and guitars! I have more than I like to think about… but that’s how it goes.

So what do I have in my stable right now? Below is a list of my basses, the 4-5 on the top are my favourites and the rest are in no particular order. Maybe with time I will get a photo up, and maybe a review of each of them, as well?

  • Ken Smith BT6 (1989) aka “Rufus” (6-string fretted bass)
  • Clement #114 Jon 6 aka “The Tundra III Bass” (6-string fretless bass)
  • Clement #335 Angel 6 aka “The SnowAngel” (6-string fretted bass)
  • Clement #110 Jay aka “Jay” (4-string fretless jazz bass)
  • Clement #069 Ryan aka “The Tundra Bass” (4-string fretless bass)
  • Pedulla Pentabuzz (1991) aka “The Buzz” (5-string fretless bass)
  • Mtd Kingston Z5 (5-string fretted bass)
  • Ken Smith Burner 5
  • Yamaha BB5000
  • Mensinger Cazpar 6
  • Warmoth Jazz 4 with Edmire Pickups
  • Fender Deluxe V (1996) aka “The Fender” (5-string fretted bass)
  • Status/MJT Precision bass aka “The Status Pea”(4-string fretted bass)
  • JAF Eidas (4-string fretted)
  • ’67 Hagström Viking/Concord C-1
  • Chowny SWB-1 short scale fretted
  • Chowny CHB-1 short scale Semi-hollow fretted
  • Takamine EG512C acoustic 4-string fretted bass
  • US Masters EpiB 4D (4-string fretted bass)
  • Riverhead headless aka “The Paddle” (4-string fretted bass)
  • Steinberger Synapse aka “The Fix bass” (4-string fretted bass)
  • Shredneck Short Scale aka “The Piccolo” (4-string short scale piccolo bass)
  • Johnson JB-24FNA (4-string fretless acoustic bass)
  • Samick HFB590 (4-string acoustic bass)
  • Muso Electric Bass Ukulele (4-string fretted bass ukulele)
  • The butterFly bass (5-string fretted bass – Fodera copy)
  • Eminence upright bass
  • Chinese upright bass
  • Rumanian Cello
  • Ergo electric cello (5-string)

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