Arctic Bass

The Arctic Bass Blog From the day it was decided that I should pick up the bass guitar, I have been totally hooked on this wonderful instrument. The funk, the groove, the mwah... everything about the bass intrigues me. I started out on a Hagström Swede from the early 70s, and the circle has almost come … Continue reading Arctic Bass


My current amp collection (Febuary 2017)

No use having a lot of basses and guitars if you can't amplify them! Well, I can. Many times. I own a few bass and guitar amplifiers. Here's a list of my current amp collection. Genz Benz Shuttle 6-210T Yorkville Sound Bloc80B Ashdown Mi-bass 200 TKS Engineering 112T cab Eden EX110 cabinet Phil Jones Bass Double Four … Continue reading My current amp collection (Febuary 2017)

My current guitar collection (December 2017)

I not only have the hots for basses... I own and play a lot of guitars, as well. Below are a list of my current guitar collection! Kiesel HH2X Allan Holdsworth Signature Charvel Desolation DC-2 ST Charvel Desolaton DC-1 FR Warmoth Tele Washburn J-600 Jazz guitar Boulder Creek Classical guitar Morgan W 310 SCE N AGED … Continue reading My current guitar collection (December 2017)

My current bass collection (Update: February 2019)

I admit it. I have too many basses and guitars! I have more than I like to think about... but that's how it goes. So what do I have in my stable right now? Below is a list of my basses, sorted by configuration and type. As you can probably tell, I love basses! Current … Continue reading My current bass collection (Update: February 2019)